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Pan Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Pan Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is founded in 2015 with the entrepreneurship support of Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry by Ozlem Gonulkirmaz. The company is located in the Teknopark Ankara. Our team work on cost-effective recycling projects and innovative solutions in livestock feed and fertilizer. We have products which are produced by our innovative unique machinery system. The inputs can be waste fried potatoes, coffee by-products, flour contents and fruit wastes and the outputs are livestock feed or fertilizer and also biofuel (if the material is oily). In our country, we develop R&D systems to produce recycled materials to save the money.
Moreover, with our past experiences in the animal nutrition and organic fertilizer fields, we started to develop and modify our technology in the cosmetics sector. We use plant waste materials and seeds in our machinery system, thus, we gain their oil content already at the end of the process. This advantage provides us dynamic in the market. According to future plans of PAN, trends toward to create a new market about oil productions based on seeds and other plant parts that are wasted while making powder on the other hand.

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